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no smile no wrinkles

Woman avoids smiling for 40 years to prevent wrinkles


What if you were told that smiling would give you wrinkles? Would you give up smiling and laughing to make sure you kept your youthful looks for longer?

Fifty-plus woman Tess Christian (pictured above) claims she has refused to smile since about the age of 10 because it would result in wrinkles! She says she has trained herself “to control my facial muscles”. She admits to being “vain” and “wanting to remain youthful”. But I ask you, what 10-year-old thinks of that? And surely, any healthy 10-year-old with a fairly regular childhood has plenty to laugh and smile about?

Christian insists people constantly ask her if she’s used Botox. “My dedication has paid off,” she says. “I don’t have a single line on my face.”

Wow. You know that expression: “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right”? Well if smiling and laughing are wrong, I don’t want to be right!

Is this what Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice is aiming for too? Mrs Becks’s lips haven’t curled upwards at the corner in a very long time! Royal wedding? Scowl. Birth of only daughter? Frown. Own designs paraded triumphantly on a high profile catwalk? Deadpan. Come on, lady! Give us a grin.

victoria beckham doesnt smile

Well at least it’s a natural beauty tip!

Sure, sure. Injecting yourself with poison branded as Botox seems like madness, yet countless women do it every day around the world. And they’re not even in the 50-plus age bracket. Boob jobs used to be rare among anyone younger than say, 30, now there are teenagers watching the clock until it clicks over to 18 so they can pump up their chests with silicon. At least not smiling is ‘natural’ in the purest sense of the word.

But smiling does take years off

Smiling adds instant appeal to anyone’s face – beautiful, plain, young, old, any colour, any race, any persuasion – and I think it’s undeniable. So what, you get a few crow’s feet around your eyes? Big deal, you get laughter lines around your mouth! Smiles are pretty and they take years off.

Do you think Jodie Foster cares about wrinkles? The Oscar winner has vowed to never go under the knife for cosmetic reasons. No Botox, no eye lifts, no wrinkle smoothing. But doesn’t she rock a gorgeous smile? And it literally takes at least ten years off her apparent age!

smiling gives you wrinkles

Goldie Hawn’s golden smile says it all

The original golden girl, Goldie Hawn has smiled and laughed so much throughout her life that it’s written all over her face! Yep, she has lots of wrinkles. Nope, she don’t give a shit. You can’t help but smile yourself when you see her on TV or in a movie. She oozes happiness and it’s infectious. At 72, she’s still attracting glances and attention from men half her age and younger. Happily ensconced in her relationship with Kurt Russell for 35 years now, she clearly has lots going for her and wrinkles are the least of her cares. Besides, not smiling is not going to do a thing for your decolletage wrinkles!

Not smiling is not a badge of honour

Do you want to be the prettiest corpse in the graveyard? Of course not, who cares? So slap on a smile, even if you have to fake it and let the wrinkles fall where they may. Happy + looking your age is so much better than looking younger and bloody miserable! Agree?

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