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clasp-on pants for aircraft

The NEW Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants – Claspies!


Sometimes you see a product and you think: “Wow, I didn’t really know I needed that!” and now, all I can think of is: “I need me a pair of those!” Just when you thought undies couldn’t be innovated any further, along come Claspies. Instead of climbing into them via the feet, you simply clasp them on. Genius! I’m going to road-test (well I can’t say air-test just because I’ll be flying; it sounds wrong) these smarty pants on my next flight.

claspies traveling pants
Genius! A clasp for underpants.

How many times have you been in a confined space, specifically a confined space with a dirty floor and wished you didn’t have to thread your feet through the leg holes? I know it’s happened to me frequently. Bathrooms in gyms, at swimming pools, at markets and at music festivals (not that I go to those) are all pretty gross. Even if you can’t see the blah on the floor, you know it’s infested with germs. So supposing you have to get out of your undies or togs (that’s Queensland for swimsuit) and put clean underpants on. Whip off the ones you’re changing out of and clasp on a pair of Claspies.

Aircraft lavatories on long-haul flights

Yes!! You just want to feel fresh when you arrive – and sometimes when you’re only halfway there. You can pack your Claspies in your carry-on case and when you feel the need to freshen up, take them to the aircraft lavatory, yank off your unfresh undies and clasp these on. Easy peasy! You won’t have to worry about all those er, drips on the lavatory floor. *Shudder*!!

Click through to read more and purchase these smarty pants!


Now you don’t have to squirm and fidget or contort yourself into all manner of yoga poses just to change your undies!

This lady will do ANYTHING to not get her feet dirty! 😉

Available sizes

Claspies are available in XS through to XL.

Think you’ll buy a pair?







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