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social media darling

I’m never going to be a social media darling


Please forgive me if I don’t measure up to the glossy standards of social media! As I write this, it’s veeeerrrrryyy early stages for this blog and I’m figuring it all out as I go. I’m a professional writer and I get SEO and marketing but social media kind of does my head in. I look through other Instagram accounts and think, crap, sooo stylish and minimalist, sooo gorgeous and shiny. Then I remind myself, hey, I’m 50 and I can do things on my own terms.

Content is king

It’s a bit of a buzz term but I believe in content, primarily of the wordy kind. I’ve never been particularly visual, though I do crush hard on sexy looking Insta accounts. They make me buy things! A major element of my professional life is writing about products and it’s my job to find the sexy in everything my clients sell. So whether it’s tyres, fragrant candles, protein balls, travel insurance, cookies, kombucha, glass drinking bottles or makeup, I have to make it sound irresistible! Problem is, I even make it irresistible to myself.

I’ve bought those glass drinking bottles, and the reusable coffee cups, definitely the kombucha, scented candles and cookies. I’ve also been seduced by the stunning visuals on social media and bought things I haven’t needed so much. Things like lip plumper, hand-blended perfumes and personalised socks. I had to, the photos were so pretty!!

how to take a selfie
“Let me take a selfie!” (um, no)

Sadly, I’m not photographically gifted. I can’t take a selfie to save my life and my @fiftyplusme Instagram account is never going to match the glorious richness of others out there. The Fifty Plus Me Facebook page will probably fare better because it’s more about the words than the pictures.

instaworthy account
Instagram: @madebyfressko_official

Would you look at that? It’s truly aspirational (but out of my humble reach). I spent quite some time poring over the Fressko Flask Instagram account and had to buy. Everything looked so tasty and covetable. (The product hasn’t disappointed either, I love mine!)

All I’m saying is don’t shoot the messenger. I’ll do the hash tags, I’ll do the likes and follows and hopefully, others will like and follow me too. Just don’t expect miracles ’cause I’m learning as I go!

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