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I’m an #EARNBASSADOR for Virgin Australia! (5 Velocity frequent flyer point hacks)


I love my Virgin Australia. They’re cool, funky and always looking for new ways to delight the customer. And I am indeedy delighted! In less than a week, I’ll be winging my way to the U. S. of A. for Christmas, a Seinfeld-esque ‘Festivus’/Sheldon Cooper-esque ‘Saturnalia’ present to myself. “To Gina, love Gina!” That’s how it’s done when you’re single. But I think Virgin might have a crush on me too! They keep giving me presents, and sometimes, I don’t even ASK for them!

Gift no. 1 – Raining points

Virgin Australia’s Velocity frequent flyer program partners with Flybuys. Now Flybuys have been around since 1994 and I have collected many times on rewards over the years. But I’ve been squirrelling away my points for ages, carefully examining bonus offers to maximise my return. I was up to 336,000 or something. Well! Virgin offered an extra 15% in points value if I transferred my Flybuys points to Velocity by the 30th November. And did I ever! Sadly, there was a cap on the number of points but I managed to shepherd 136,000 of the suckers into Velocity and instead of the regular 59,160 points, I scored an extra 8,874 Velocity points! Not a bad day’s earn on frequent flyer points, is it?

Velocity FlyBuys promotion frequent flyer points

Flybuys Velocity frequent flyer points Virgin Australia

Flybuys Velocity frequent flyer points transfer Virgin Australia

Gift no. 2 – Velocity Gold upgrade

Just in time, quick as a flash, my Velocity Gold upgrade came through! You know what that means, right? Chillin’ in the looooounges!! Greater luggage allowance, priority boarding, bla bla bla (I’m just excited about the lounges, really!). But it does also mean that if New York City inspires me to shop more than I usually would – and there’s a good chance of that! – I will be able to lug it all home with me without excess luggage charges. Yes!!

Gold Velocity frequent flyer upgrade Virgin Australia


Get even more points!

Gold also means receiving a 75% Points bonus, on top of the base Points earned, when travelling on Virgin Australia Domestic flights on most fare types and a 75% Points bonus on miles flown in addition to the base Points earned when travelling on Virgin Australia international Trans Tasman, Short Haul and Long Haul flights.

Gift no. 3 – Velocity Christmas Bonus!!

It just keeps getting better and better. To be honest, I’m a real sucker for bonus points (Flybuys or Velocity). But they pay off! I hear lots of people complaining about bonus points or being told to “jump through hoops” just to score low numbers of points. Frankly, I believe that’s true for some programs but in my experience, Virgin/Velocity and Flybuys make it easy. I will admit that my buying behaviour changes in order to earn points but I actually don’t buy unnecessary items or spend indiscriminately just to boost my points balances.

So! Velocity said if I earn through five of their partners before 8th January, I will score 10,000 bonus points!! They gave lesser options – 2,000 points for earning with three partners, 5,000 for earning with four – but I scoff at those rookie benchmarks. I shall prevail and here’s how:

  1. Virgin Wines Velocity Frequent Flyer Christmas BonusBP – Already filled the tank with petrol at BP and bought some ice creams to take to my sister’s Thanksgiving dinner. Check!
  2. Autobarn – Yeah, I’ve never set foot in an Autobarn before but hey, that’s what these deals are all about. I picked up a chamois to clean the car and another couple of little gadgets and it wasn’t even out of my way; the Autobarn I went to was about 100 metres from the BP! Check!
  3. Flybuys – Well, I am already a hugely active member of Flybuys. For every $100 I spend in Coles Supermarket and a couple of other retailers, I get 1 Velocity Status Credit. But just because I’m active on Flybuys, I’ve achieved that requirement in the Christmas Bonus promotion. Check!
  4. Wilson Parking – Booked my parking online for a trip into the City tomorrow to do a spot of Christmas shopping. Check!
  5. Virgin Wines – Oh this was just too easy. I purchased a dozen mixed wines, received 3 FREE bottles of a Barossa Valley shiraz and fulfilled this requirement for my Velocity Christmas Bonus. Check!

As a result, I shall be looking forward to 10,000 bonus Velocity points landing in my account early in the New Year.

velocity frequent flyer christmas bonus

Gift no. 4 – Bid to upgrade

‘The Business’ class or Premium Economy on my long-haul flight? Ooooh, yes please!! As I write this, I’m waiting to hear whether my bid for an upgrade has been accepted. Business is a bit rich for my blood. As much as I might promise to try and look the part, behave myself and clean the lavatories mid-flight, I doubt I will be laying back in the rarefied air of The Business on my long-haul to LA. Wouldn’t mind being up there checking out the affluent single gentlemen ;). I’ve paid for Economy X because it offers wider seats and better legroom than Economy, and I’ve bid to be upgraded to Premium Economy. That’s where you get the power points, the even wider seats, the even better legroom, the champagne upon boarding, the actual crockery, silverware and glasses, and who knows, maybe even 3-ply toilet paper!! (#toilygoals). The opportunity to bid to upgrade is something I appreciate. I don’t mind spending a bit more money but I can’t justify the swanky seats in the pointy end if I want to shop til I drop in New York, can I? Sure, Virgin Australia are probably hedging their bets and making sure they get bums on those seats, even if at lower rates, but if I get my bum into one, I won’t breathe a word to my row-mates as to what I paid for it.

velocity premium upgrade virgin australia

Gift no. 5 – FREE #Earnbassador Points

What a clever company! Virgin Australia reckon they’ve converted their marketing budget into points. (They’re giving away 2 million Velocity points.) Hey, in these days of social media, why not take advantage of consumer-generated exposure? And I like the way they call us #Earnbassadors. When I love a brand, I love it hard! I talk about it – no, I rave about it – I recommend it, I show off what it’s done for me and I get right on board like one of the proverbial ‘sheeple’, but I enjoy it. It’s a bit of a hobby of mine.

So this post is one of the activities I’ll be doing to live up to my #Earnbassador expectations. There’s not even a guarantee of free points but if I know Virgin, and I think I do, I’m pretty sure they’ll grease my palm with one or two. And (just in case they’re reading this), even if they don’t, I’ll still love them anyway. They’re good to me!

If you’re Aussie, get a look at Virgin Australia. Make sure you sign up for the Velocity programme, even if you don’t fly a lot. And even if you fly with one of their partner airlines (see list below), you’ll still get Velocity points!

How to ‘rort’ the system (i.e. how to get the most bang for buck with points, rewards and so on)

Honestly, it feels like I’m rorting the system, but it’s all legit, promise! If you go to this page and scroll down to this bit:

Velocity #earnbassador benefits

… you’ll see a ton of benefits! Learn how to earn points on everyday activities; find out about unusual ways to earn points; discover the Velocity app; see which retailers offer Velocity points; get Status Credits explained and so much more!

Virgin Australia partner airlines

  • Delta Air Lines Partnership
  • Etihad Airways Alliance
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Hong Kong Airlines Alliance
  • Singapore Airlines Alliance
  • Air Canada
  • Alitalia
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • Aeromexico
  • Air New Zealand
  • Air Serbia
  • Alaska Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • HK Express
  • PNG Air

Happy travels with Virgin and Velocity

Just get started and you’ll find yourself in a spider’s web of spiralling (upwards) points balances and cool new ways to get the recognition you deserve, simply for being a delighted Virgin customer.

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