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food shopping in phoenix, arizona

Aussie Goes Grocery Shopping in Phoenix, Arizona


It’s always fun to see what packaged food and other goods look like in another country but grocery shopping in the US is an eye-opening experience! Everything’s so colourful and what I call ‘dinky’.

Here is a photo dump of the different products that caught my eye across Walmart and Fry’s in Phoenix, Arizona.

**Hover over photos for caption, click on photos for larger version.**

Fry’s, Phoenix

The colour, the variety, the weird and wonderful! To Aussie eyes, some of these foods boggle the mind. There is so much choice, I found it overwhelming. I wanted to try everything but I tried very little in the end. You can really only buy what you’ll reasonably eat. But wow, American food scientists have great imaginations!!

The alcohol (in Fry’s)

Where I come from – Brisbane, Australia – our supermarkets don’t sell alcohol. Other states do, but mine (Queensland) doesn’t permit it. The surprise here was the size of some of the bottles and the low, low prices! Oh, and the many different flavour varieties which I’m sure we don’t have at home.


Deli (Fry’s)

We have some pretty good delis at home but I was impressed with the variety, abundance and presentation here. It just caught my eye!


Gotta love Walmart for its sheer size, prices and variety. Didn’t see any of those meme-worthy crazies hanging out in their Spongebob Squarepants get-up or mis-placed thongs! 😉 But I did see a pretty cool hearse out for a day’s grocery shopping! I was flabbergasted by the cakes on offer, found my all-time favourite cleaning product at an unfairly cheap price, finally found the little green bottles that Raymond gets out of the fridge on Everybody Loves Raymond and witnessed The Great Breakfast Cereal Canyon up close!

When I travel to a new city, I like to check out what the locals have at their disposal. It’s part of getting to know a place. I’m not the outdoorsy type, I don’t hike, I’m not a zoo lover … I do love supermarkets!!

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